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Kingdom Stunters travels to Shawnee, OK in October 2012 for the Emmanuel Baptist Church’s fall festival. Check out this video of the performance and gospel message of Jesus. It’s awesome to serve such an amazing King!



We are the action sports outreach known as Kingdom Stunters! Here is an action packed clip that gives you a glimpse into both our crazy stunts and the life changing message we are anxious to share with you. All for Jesus!

Here is a fresh and exciting clip that was filmed in the industrial sector of Dallas, TX. This video is a mixture of an interview and cool riding shots where we briefly explain  how the ministry came to be and the passion God has given us to share the message of Jesus through the medium of action sports. Enjoy!

On September 7th, Kingdom Stunters joined up with Sagamore Baptist Church for their Friday evening “Back to School” event. It was a pretty fun event up until Mike King lowsided a sitdown circle by over-throttling the bike and received a serious blow to the top of his foot from the direct impact of the bike. Minutes after it happened, Ron Punch, layed hands on him and prayed for him. Praise God for giving Mike enough temporary relief and flexibility in his ankle to finish the show. He then had to be practically carried into the student center to speak. This was a special evening, because we had two MC’s, a rider/speaker, Brad Davidson performing a drama of the gospel story and then Valorie on keys taking us to the throne of God through worship. After it all, talking with the kids was really special and they will be in our prayers. Blessings to Jared, Alyssa and the Sagamore staff!

Blessings to you guys! We’ve had a season packed with fun and all kinds of occasions to give Jesus praise! One of the highlights was the day before Easter, we were invited by First Baptist Church of Hurst to their egg hunt/bike extravaganza. There was over 1500 excited people there to enjoy all the festivities, including an easter egg hunt of astronomical proportions (8,000 eggs!). Not only did we get to bring down the house with super long stoppies and acrobatics, but God gave us the chance to share about His love and grace to the crowd. But thanks be to God for giving us an opportunity to share His perfect plan of redemption through the sacrifice of His Son on the cross. This was without a doubt a really memorable event. Check out the recap!

One of the other exciting events we had this year was going to the biker event at Family Cathedral of Praise in Mesquite, TX. Some representatives from I AM Second were there to share their testimonies. We had a lot of fun riding for all the motorcycle enthusiasts and giving glory to the Lord. Check it out!

Trinity Church in Cedar Hill invited us to perform some pre-event entertainment for their monthly baptism celebration. Although the time slot was very accelerated, the show was a success with only one minor crash and Mike was able to debut his unicycle stunt bike which turned out to be a crowd favorite. Check out Kingdom Stunters in this fun recap clip!